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After studying Stills and then Film, AK changed the game as a runner on the blockbuster feature ‘Nuclear Burndown’.
(Mmm… no… us either…). Despite the great loss to running, AK moved on to promo producing and editing his way up to the high dive for a career that continuously places firsts for the likes of Adidas, Investec, BMW, Chrysler, Coca-Cola,McDonald’s and, well, any more names in a list like this would be bragging.His special effects strengths and cinematic magic make marvelous happen for strong conceptual ideas, and, with five Dogstar Golds, several Asian & Adfest Awards, British Design Awards, D&AD, Cannes and other pieces of film-related bling,AK’s leaving the running to Usain Bolt and boldly going where no one named ‘AK’ has gone before. This includes documentary filmmaking and a current project called ‘Fracking the Karoo’. Got a cool idea? Let’s talk. Run, don’t walk.

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